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Residential Service

It’s vital to provide your family and guests with a clean, pest-free environment. You can trust the professionals at Parks Pest Control to keep your home safe.

residential pest control
Give your family's home the treatment it deserves.

It’s a very uncomfortable feeling to see signs of pests inhabiting your home. From mice to cockroaches, unwanted pests can take the relaxed atmosphere of your home and turn it upside down. Don't try to tackle this problem alone! Trust the experts at Parks Pest Control to properly eradicate your home of any pest infestations, guaranteed.

​Keep your loved ones safe too.

It's vital for you to employ a qualified, experienced pest control expert to take care of your home. Our professional staff will provide you with a visual inspection of your home then we'll conduct a comprehensive treatment of your home to rid you of any pests and rodents. You can be assured of safety to you and your loved ones from harsh chemicals with pet and kid-friendly products and services.

Common types of pests we help residents cleanse from their home.

 •  Ticks

 •  Fleas

 •  Cockroaches

 •  Termites

 •  Bed bugs

 •  Ants

 •  Mice and rats

 •  Voles

 •  Moles

 •  Bees and wasps

 •  Moths

 •  Spiders

​Customer-centered work you'll enjoy.

Unlike many national pest control brands, we're focused on providing you with prompt service that will last. In fact, all of our services are backed with a 30 to 90-day warranty to provide you with the confidence you deserve.

After treatment we give you a print out of the temperatures sustained and monitored to validate the effectiveness of our heat treatment. Put your mind at ease and sleep easier knowing that your home is in the expert hands of Parks Pest Control.

Contact us today for a free estimate and let our experienced technicians help you keep your home safe and pest free.
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