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Green Pest Control

Professional Pest Control Designed By Mother Nature

green pest control in state college
Environmentally Friendly Pest Control Service.

We started using green solutions for the purpose of keeping our customers pest free while also leveraging 100% ‘All Natural’ products, meaning that they are either natural or organic by design. In a market where chemicals or synthetically altered chemicals have traditionally been used to control a variety of different insects, our mission is to provide highly effective and environmentally friendly Green alternatives.

Our goal is to maintain a pest free environment while using the least amount of chemicals in your home, business and environment. To provide excellent service, we only use all natural & effective pesticides in our ever increasing demand for green products. We hope you will catch our vision and grow with us.

Green Solutions Are Ideal For:

 •  Home Application

 •  Commercial Use

 •  Child & Pet Safety

 •  Chemical Sensitivity


Contact us today to learn about our green alternatives to keeping you pest free.
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